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Options are the most powerful tool available to retail traders to achieve the results most people only dream about.

But aren't options dangerous?

Yes, absolutely. Which is the very reason why you need to be trained how to use them correctly. Just like a kitchen knife: dangerous if used incorrectly, but beautifully effective in the hands of a seasoned chef.

Options are the only tool available to retail traders that provide the ability to both guarantee your positions against losses and earn unbelievable profits - regardless of market conditions.

If you don't understand how to use options and when to implement specific options strategies, you are putting your portfolio at risk and missing out on profits that most only dream of.

As a bonus, upon completion of the course you will be able to schedule a live, one-on-one strategy coaching session with Joe. If you're ready to learn how to make money in any market - up, down, or sideways, sign up for Options Mastery today.

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